Estrellita Inlay Pendant

Our take on a vintage Mexican design, a detailed Moon with Constellations wrapping around it and a star charm.

This is an exciting new collaboration with SW Zuni Silversmiths, all pieces are hand-cast in Portland then all inlay work is done in New Mexico.  The inlay style is a very traditional Zuni technique. All Turquoise is 100% Natural and American mined from Kingman, Arizona.  All Opal is synthetic and American Made. These pieces are Luminous, Elegant and Minimalist in design with exceptional craftsmanship and details. Designed by Courtney Keene.

All Chains are 18" 100% Italian Sterling

Hand-cast in Portland using sustainable metals.

* Stone coloration and Inlay pattern will vary from images as each piece is one-of-a-kind.