Portland (Closed)

Met·a·mor·pho·sis-  Change of form or shape; transformation; particularly, a change in the form of being into a completely different one, by natural or supernatural means.

    On August 1st, 2018 we closed the doors of our Portland shop.  It is time for us to burst the beloved chrysalis of our Mississippi Ave Brick + Mortar.  It’s time for us to move on, and to take flight in a new form….  
    The reasons for such a transformative decision are many, and are not really necessary to enumerate at length.  However, we believe the plight of small business is not a very promising, or clear one.  As more and more people are voting for the online oligopoly with their dollar, we are seeing the results of an election that is altering our communities; and hence, our own lives.  Shopping can either connect us more closely with one another, or it can disconnect us entirely.  So go outside, walk through your neighborhood, connect with local businesses; buy something that has a story to it you can discover, or a someone to it that you can personally know.
     We have built our business customer by customer, and it is doubtless because of our fantastic customers and congenial neighbors that we were able to grow and blossom over these past 5 years.  So Thank You, Thank You, lovely patrons of Wanderlust and Wildhearts!  Our Love and utmost gratitude for all of your positive support!  Stay positive and lovely always.

    On that note, as to where we are metamorphosing:  We are elated to announce the July 1st launch of our very own Legging + Travel-Apparel Collection.  Our silky fabric is made entirely in the USA from certified recycled-plastic.  It moves with you, breathes with you, is quick-dry, swimmable, and MADE FOR ADVENTURE

By closing our Brick + Mortar, we will have more time and energy to devote to this exciting new endeavor.  Be prepared to see, and swoon over, a lot of new styles, and print developments, in this WL + WH collection.  

Our Orcas Island store will still be open, so come hop a ferry for a visit amidst the Salish sea!  Would ya!?

 Life is uncertain, but Love conquers all....
 Sincerely, and truly,
 All of us at WL + WH.