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Our Mission

We support artisanal traditions and ethical fashion.  It seems so simple.  But it's not these days....

Our stores are curated with a collection of consciously-created, sustainably-produced goods.   Everything is either Handmade by us, Directly-sourced by us, Local, Fair-Trade, or American Made.

Each season we select a region with a vibrant culture that inspires us...  We do our research, book our flights, and hit the ground running; our eyes wide and our hearts wild. For there is adventure in every blink of the eyes.  There is discovery in every heart-beat....

Stories fuel our company.  All of the goods we travel to source have an adventure, or story, behind them.  From sipping Masala tea with Tibetan elders while browsing through Spider-web Turquoise, to watching Zapotec women weave on their Great-Grandmothers' looms: Everything Resonates.

Building these relationships offers new markets for their art and fosters wider awareness of these age-old techniques.

By shopping with us you are helping to Design a Revolution in the buying/selling mentality.  The key to our future is transparency.   By knowing exactly how something is made we are not only empowered, but also empowering.  We are rising together, rather than apart. 

Be a part of Our Story.  Shop Like You Give a Damn!