Our Mission

We support artisanal traditions and ethical fashion.  It seems simple and straightforward, yet it's not so these days....

Our store is curated with a collection of consciously-created, sustainably-produced goods.   Everything is either Handmade by us, Directly-sourced by us,  Local,  Fair-Trade, or American-Made.

Stories are what fuel our company.  All of the goods we offer have an adventure, or story, behind them.  From recycling plastic bottles into our silky new Active-wear/Adventure line, to watching Zapotec women weave on their Great-Grandmothers' looms:  Everything Resonates....  

We believe shopping can either connect us more closely with one another, or separate us entirely.

When you shop with us, you are helping to Design a Revolution in the buying/selling mentality.  The key to our future is transparency.   By knowing exactly how something is made we are not only empowered, but also empower-ing.  Let's rise together, rather than grow apart. 

Be a part of Our colourful Story.