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Meet The Team

Courtney Keene
 Owner and Designer
Courtney Keene is the founder, owner/designer. She is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City. After four years of living and working in NYC, she decided to follow her heart, fly away on the wind, and escape to far-away lands. It is through her adventures abroad that she credits most of her design education. Her design aesthetic is influenced by her upbringing on a rural Adirondack farm, where her family bred Mustangs and taught her the ways of our natural world. When not in the studio, she can be found planning the next foreign peregrination, kicking up her heels with her dog (Sylvie!), and swimming in the river of her colorful imagination.






   Michael Murphy, aka "Murph"
Screen Printer and Pack Mule
Murph is the screenprinter who brings our hand-drawn artwork to life. He has a background in videography/photography and takes delight in watercolor paintings, Evergreen trees, and Organic Gardening.  Murph travels alongside Courtney to help document and capture the direct-sourcing magic (and to carry the heavier materials, of course). They laugh often on their journey's, sharing meals, stories, and the local libations.






AJA Meadows
Store Manager and Social Media
Aja is our Manager extraordinaire and talented hand in the realms of social media. She has spent her years delving into the deep and exponential expressions of humanity. Exploring all the textures of life and its possibilities intensifies her drive for adventure. Interested in helping develop a world that nurtures creativity in all forms, she loves both the message and spirit of all those involved in Wanderlust + Wildhearts! And we love her! 




Amanda Zentz
Sales Associate and Accessory Designer
Amanda designs her own Bag line and is one of the beautiful faces at our Portland shop. She loves traveling, connecting with people, and is also a singer/songwriter! Sarcasm and laughter are a way of life for her. She is also passionate about fashion, and seeing people fully become who they are meant to be.




Ashley Tanko
Management and Merchandising
Ashley, Ashley, where to start?! We are incredibly grateful to have Ashley as part of our Team. She brings an exceptional eye, retail expertise, and radiant smile into our shop. She makes us look like we know what we're doing, or something!





Jaquelyn Cruz
Sales associate and awesomeness
We are sooooo very excited to welcome Jaquelyn to our Mississippi Ave family! You will see her radiant face in the shop on Tuesdays and weekends! What a badass, gypsy babe! Oh, and have you seen her paintings? The girl is an artist, and she is damned talented....





Corrine Morehead
Sales Associate on Orcas
There are sales associates, and then there are Orcas Island sales associates. "Is there any difference?", you ask? Come by our shop on Orcas to meet the wonderful, enthusiastic, and colorful Corrine, and you'll see exactly what we're talking about.




Customer allurement and Street Team
Once upon a time, there was a dog who was rescued while wandering the streets of Mexico. We discovered that, if fed a diet of Salmon, she would grow wonderfully shiny and cute, thus drawing in people from the street to pat her on the head and shop! A Love-dog, Mayan Xoloitzcuintli extravaganza!