Celestial Humpback Inlay Necklace

 Part of our unique Northern Lights Gemstone Inlay Collection!

Elegant Humpback with stunning celestial micro-inlay moon mosaic. These beauties are wearable works-of-art and sparkly examples of fine craftsmanship! This is a favorite and a must for every mermaid's collection!

All of our designs start out as my illustrations that are then hand-carved into wax and hand-cast. This is a Hand-Made Item.

Available in Sterling with Kingman Turquoise, Opal Mix or Gemstone Mix of Inlay. Our Turquoise is from the Kingman Mine, 100% natural, premium U.S.A mined turquoise. Our Gemstone Inlay features a mosaic of stones; Fire Opal, Kingman Turquoise, Mother-of-Pearl, Onyx, Abalone, Spiny Oyster Shell and more!

Your purchase comes packaged in one of our custom gift pouches, ready to make someone SMILE!

All Chains are 18" 100% Italian Sterling

* Stone coloration and Inlay pattern will vary from images as each piece is one-of-a-kind. We never know exactly how our stones are going to cut or what inlay pattern we will decide to do. This keeps things SPARKLY + SPECIAL!

Thank you for supporting our family business and Mermaid Dreams!