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¡Tierra de colores! ¡Tierra Caliente!

June 01, 2017

¡Tierra de colores!  ¡Tierra Caliente!

MEXICO: The land of Zapatistas, Fruterias, Micheladas, avocadoes, volcanoes,  jungles, textiles, and the inevitable afternoon siesta. 
Pesos and centavos...dollars and cents...
Ultimately, we exchange smiles and waves, the strongest of all currencies.
 I wrote a poem about Cenote's, those limestone sinkholes filled with mystically blue waters, while we were there:
Cenote Azul
The Cenote's of the Yucutan
are a divine reminder of the mysterious world that lies beneath the surface of everything. 
Aside from the healing qualities that their lucid waters are supposed to impart,
they vividly illustrate the idea that to collapse, 
to give in at just the right time,
can become something unfathomably beautiful.
This was our second visit to Mexico. We were able to both reconnect with old artisan friends/weavers, and establish new relationships with local family-run businesses. 
We have so many new, unbelievably colorful and hand-made goods to share with you in our shops!  Come visit us soon!