Sleeping Beauty Turquoise + Coral Slave Cuff

SO STUNNING! Cuff, Ring and Wrist Piece all connected with sturdy handmade Sterling chain. One of our all time favorite vintage finds, this stunning silhouette will MAKE any outfit and collection! Vintage from the 1970's this is a classic example of Navajo Jewelry of that era. Handmade by Harrie B. Yazzi on the Navajo Reservation. Pass this beauty on to your children, it will be a fabulous addition to any serious vintage turquoise collection and they don't make 'em like this anymore!

-100% Natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise and Blood Coral.

-2.4 oz Silver Weight

-Ring is size 8

-Silver has beautiful vintage patinae to it, could easily be polished or left as-is.

-Signed/Hallmarked by the artist "HBY"

-Contact us for additional Photos and Video of this gorgeous piece!