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Las Lunas Graphic Bra

This stylish bra top blends art and fashion. The unique placement printing process for the Graphic Elastic Bra Top makes each piece one of a kind. The elastic bands create a fun "Cage" look while providing comfort and support. This is the perfect summer accessory to wear underneath all those flowy tank tops you've stocked up on for the Summer Heat! C'Mon... Lunar Cycle on a bra??? How could you not want to wear this underneath everythingggg! We sure do! Oh hey did we mention you can also swim in this and wear it as a bathing suit top! Yup, you should probably buy two!

Available sizes: S/M, M/L, L/L

  • Fully-lined
  • Hand or machine wash cold
  • Tumble or hang dry
  • Made in USA

Size Guide

S/M- 30"-34"

M/L- 34"-36"

L/L- 36"-38"