Labradorite Love Bundle

Our FAVORITE STONE...Labradorite is a Magical stone of transformation and change. 100% Natural, Labradorite enhances strength of will and self confidence. We have a dazzling assortment of various Labradorite sizes/shapes/colours and have curated this bundle with some of our favorites to get your collection off with a BANG! Every piece of Labradorite is Unique, we will curate your bundle with an excellent color range from Deep Blue to Turquoise to Pink to Purple to Rusty... This Bundle is  the perfect UPLIFTING gift for yourself or a friend! Now is the best time for some Crystal Healing and LOVE and Labradorite it the ultimate mood booster! Surround yourself with colourful, natural things and focus on all the beauty that life has to offer!

$98 Bundle ($138 Value) Includes:

-Large Free Standing Labradorite Polished Front and Back ($88)

-Small Orb Cut Labradorite Round Polished Front Only ($22)

-Two small Pieces of Pocket sizes Rough Back Labradorite ($28)