Fossil Bundle

A curated mix of our bestselling Fossils! All fossils are 100% REAL and authentic. This is a great start to a personal collection or the perfect gift for a friend or the kiddies!

$58 Bundle ($82 Value) Includes:

-Round Moroccan Ammonite Slab Fossil ($12)

-Moroccan Ammonite Nautilus Fossil ($18)

-Moroccan Orthoceras Squid Fossil ($12)

-Fossilized Shark Teeth x 2 ($10)

-Desert Rose ($6) Not a fossil, but looks like one and oh-so pretty and COOL!

-Fossilized San Dollar ($12)

-Fossilized Coral Cluster ($12)

*Orthoceras Fossils are extinct "straight-shelled" cephalopods that lived during the Upper Devonian period around 400 million years ago. They lived inside of their shell, had tentacles they could use to grab food and used jet propulsion, squirting water to move.


*Ammonite Fossils are extinct cephalopods. They had spiral shells, tentacles and would have looked similar to the modern nautilus. Ammonites first appeared in the fossil record about 240 million years ago.

*Desert Rose Selenite is a unique, natural crystal formation that is formed from the combination of water, wind and sand. It carries the energies of clarity, prosperity and purification.