Purifying Palo Santo and Sage Bundle

We could all use alittle energy clearing now, so we are offering everything you need for a cozy at home bundle kit. All Abalone is 100% Natural not Dyed.

*Please note we are sold out of white sage for these bundles so we are adding an extra stick of palo santo instead, our personal favorite! You will love it!

$40 Bundle ($44 Value) Includes:

-Large Red Abalone Shell ($28)

-Palo Santo Stick X 2 ($10)

- Three Clear Quartz Crystal Pieces ($6)

*We brought all of our Palo Santo back from trips to Peru. It is one of our favorite smells... You light it just like a stick of incense or Sage, but it will burn very slowly, one stick will last a VERY LONG time, it does not burn through like incense sticks do... In the store we typically burn one stick every few weeks and we are constantly lighting it. The Inca used Palo Santo or "Holy Wood" during Ceremonies to cleanse and purify. It has a lovely, natural-woody scent.