Opal Love Bundle

Flashy Opal/Sterling Inlay style Post Earrings made by Zuni Artists. Minimalist and classic, easy to wear with beautiful bright opal rainbow love!

$58 Bundle ($84 Value) Includes:

-1 Pair of Flashy Opal/Sterling Post Earrings ($28)

-Super Sparkly Angel Aura Quartz Cluster ($18)

- Naturally Opalized Ammonite Fossil ($38)

*Ammonite Fossils are extinct cephalopods. They had spiral shells, tentacles and would have looked similar to the modern nautilus. Ammonites first appeared in the fossil record about 240 million years ago. The opalescent finish on this fossil is 100% Natural due to the mineral content of the soil where the fossil was found. These beauties are SO AMAZING!