Red Flash Ammolite Ring- C. Keene x Joe TSO

This is part of our C.Keene x Joe TSO Collaboration Collection. WL+WH owner Courtney Keene designs the ring settings and sends the stones to Navajo artist Joe TSO who does the traditional silver work. Each piece in this collection is  One-of-a-kind, and cannot be duplicated. By purchasing one of these pieces you are directly helping to support traditional Navajo Silver work AND you are getting a very unique piece of jewelry. While traveling Courtney sources unusual, high-grade 100% Natural stones for this collection. Living on the reservation, Navajo artisans do not always have access to some of these unusual stones, so we do the sourcing and let Joe do the setting! You will not find jewelry like this anywhere else, and this collaboration has been a 4 year dream in the making! The Mission of WL+WH is to directly support Artisans and this collaboration does exactly that!

One-of-a-kind Red Flash Ammolite Sterling Silver Ring                            Size 7
Just over 1” Wide x 2” Long                                                                          Back of Ring is Stamped with Joe's Hallmark "Sterling JTSO"

      Ammolite History
Have you every seen anything quite so captivating? Do you know about the magic of Ammonite? Let us teach you a little of our Wizardry!
    Ammolite comes from the fossilized shells of the nautilus ammonite. Ammonites were prolific cephalopods that thrived in tropical seas until becoming extinct approximately 350 Million years ago along with the dinosaurs at the end of the Mesozoic era. Ammonites were so abundant their fossils are found globally, however they fossilize differently depending upon the mineral content of the soil. Significant deposits of gem-quality Ammolite are only found in the Bearpaw formation that extends from Alberta to Saskatchewan in Canada and south to Montana, and NO WHERE ELSE in the whole wide world! Ammolite is exceedingly rare and is almost never used by the Navajo.